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Slava Brodinsky was born in 1955, in Birobijan, in eastern Russia. His artistic talent was recognized at an early age, and he was therefore encouraged to study the arts. After serving in the Soviet Army, Brodinsky returned to his home town and began studying at the Fine Arts Academy of Birobijan, from which he graduated with honors in 1979. After graduating from the Academy, Brodinsky pursued his painting career, creating monumental pieces while simultaneously participating in exhibitions throughout Russia.

In 1991, Brodinsky and his family emigrated to Israel. The different light and color in Israel deeply influenced his work. Brodinsky also started incorporating different media, such as sand, impasto, and the use of rough paint brushes to increase the texture of his pieces. Brodinsky’s vibrant colors, strong compositions and expressionistic style result in appealing and effective works of art. Brodinsky has had his work shown in solo exhibitions, as well as many group shows throughout the United States, Canada, France, England and Japan.

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We are pleased to offer four exquisite ketubot (Jewish marriage documents) by the talented Israeli artist Nava Shoham.

These ketubot are limited-edition, signed and numbered serigraphs on heavy, high-quality, acid-free paper. The text is of a traditional ketubah, in Aramaic, using the Hebrew alphabet.

These ketubot were approved by both Chief Rabbis of Israel for use in Israel, but they would serve as well as wonderful anniversary gifts or just as stunning examples of ornamental art created by joining modern Israeli art with a traditional Jewish text.

Please note that the text of these ketubot is approved for Jewish marriages performed in Israel. Please consult your rabbi before purchasing it for actual religious use elsewhere.